Intuitive Reading ............ $45.00

I will connect with you , then I go into meditation and Spirit guides me as I type out your reading into an email. This may or may not also involve Healing, Angel or other cards. 


Are you wondering why, whatever you do, you just can't seem to get your life going on the path you want ? Do you feel like everything works against you ?

You are fighting against BLOCKS.... It near impossible to overcome something you are unaware of. We ALL can collect blocks along on our journey of life. Recognizing those blocks and learning to heal them can be difficult without help.

Blocks can cause unbalance in all areas of your life..... Finances, Health, Relationships.... etc.....

Let me work with you and help to recognize and heal them <3

Monthly Sessions will include:
* I will include you in my daily meditations and note anything that comes from Spirit for you

* We will meet weekly on Facebook chat for 30 mins for coaching

* I will send in Facebook or to your email what I get from Spirit on your blocks and coaching to remove and heal them.

Cost of monthly Block Healing Sessions $150.00

Let's Get Started

Life Coaching Session.......... $45.00 ea or $150.00 per month ( see special listed)

This consist of a combination of Readings and Healing.... helping you to move past blocks that are holding you back.  This would involve you having regular sessions until you feel you have met your goals. 

Mini Intuitive Reading...........$25.00

Same as Full Intuitive Reading but not as in


Sometimes life just gets in the way...... when things don't go as we plan , we tend to get stuck trying to figure it out. This frame of mind, over thinking, can keep you right where you are and keep you from moving forward.

Let me help with bringing the blocks forward and get past them to move on to create your dreams.

Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Healing or Life Coaching

.... If you would like or need a Reading, Spiritual Healing or a Life Coach , Mini Readings - $25.00, Full Readings - $45.00 If you do not have Paypal, PM me with your email address and I will send you an invoice you can donate with your debit/credit card....

Please Feel Free to share this message .... Refer 2 paid readings to me and receive a free Mini reading